Photography Perfection for All Hallow's Eve

editorialAndrea Li

In the spirit of the season with changing leaves, pumpkin lattes and ghostly hauntings I wanted to bring into focus the genius captures from Nicole Marcelli. This series is one of her most recent shoots titled 'Dead Girl'.

Nicole is a great friend and creative collaborator of mine for quite some time. Her work exemplifies the qualities of true vision and skill as a photographer. Her seasoned eye behind the lens is just as special as she is and incredibly prolific. Since her start as a professional photographer her images have racked up an impressive twelve terabytes of history. If that doesn't tell a story of dedication than I have no qualified measurement of what is. 

Based off of the research by Anders Ericsson which states that it takes 10,000 hours to master your craft I would say that Nicole is either well on her way or has already surpassed the mark. Regardless of such claims Nicole never stops chasing the perfect shot which makes her an inspiration to me and all of those familiar with her work. With over 50k followers on Instagram I think it is safe to say that her creative mastery is hitting on all chords. 

Be sure to follow her to add a little ethereal beauty to your feed and be part of her photographic journeys.