Janet R. Testimonial

Andrea Li

“When I think of Andrea Li Designs I think of art and beauty. Andrea’s work is breathtaking. Each piece/sculpture is one of a kind. It is made with hours and hours of work and always with Andrea’s love. Andrea Li Designs also does custom work. Andrea made me an incredible set of sculptures in memory of my Mom. Every time I wear these sculptures, I think of my Mom.”

- Janet R.


Lily B. Testimonial

Andrea Li

“Your work is cool and fashionable! Chic and sexy! The composition of your jewelry is what sets it apart from what else is on the market. I can spot it a mile away and think to myself “That’s Andrea’s!” You feature a lot of asymmetry. I like how you have a sense of delicacy to your design that balances the large and loud statement of your work. ”


Lovedy B. Testimonial

Andrea Li

“Your jewelry is all unique. There is no homogeny. It creates a certain ownership with the wearer. Like, this is who I am, I picked this for me, and no one can take my originality away from me. These are the internal things we possess, that are ours to feel and express. No one can take this away from us! It is transformative.”


Suzanne S Testimonial

Andrea Li

“When you think of Andrea Li, you think of eye catching pieces that are limitless in their creations because their creator goes deep into her heart and soul to find new heights. Whether they are part of her larger works or more delicate selections, they all possess a life that only she can give them.”


Tim Stark Testimonial

Andrea Li

“I can’t say enough about Andrea, I simply love her energy and the exquisite pieces she creates.  What I love most about her designs is that you can feel the energy from them, and her creative designs have always amazed me. She is one of my favorite jewelry designers of all-time hands down! “

- Tim S.

Lilly S. Testimonial

Andrea Li

“I love that Andrea Li designs are unique and fun. Each new collection brings a new wave of inspiration that morphs into wearable art that is practical for daily wear. Wearing Andrea Li makes me feel noticed. Compliments come pouring in every time.”


John Roddy Testimonial

Andrea Li

“I have admired your art and energy for years - somewhat strangely for a person who doesn’t wear jewelry, I bask in the sheer passion of yoru art. So naturally, when a blessed opportunity arose for a special ring for an exceptional woman, I looked to you first. You clearly poured your heart into creating this stunning ring! Sheer Artistry!”

- John R.

Salwa Owens

Andrea Li

“Andrea Li designs are more than jewelry; she creates wearable art. You can feel how much passion and creative love goes into each and every piece. As a designer myself, I appreciate the caliber of her work and knowing that other designers still value creating work that will stand the test of time and tell a story along the way.”

- Salwa Nahhas Owens

Bobbi Walker Testimonial

Andrea Li

“It makes me feel feminine in a world where I have to be the boss, always in charge, so strong and assertive. I love the fact that it is so unique, a definitive look all its own.”