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Experience jewelry that is as unique as you. Andrea Li has been making limited collections of one of a kind pieces since 2008, using gemstones, precious metals, and other textural elements that are uncommon as the wearer. Meant for the discerning jewelry collector who seeks rare pieces. These collections are exclusive and once they sell out, they are gone forever. Each anthology is inspired uniquely by nature, mythology, astrology, history and more. Being timeless and seasonless, these heirloom-quality pieces are sure to be the centerpiece of any modern woman's wardrobe. Be prepared for frequent compliments.


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"I love the organic process of curating relationships between gemstones and different textural elements to sculpt them into harmony. Each piece has its own individual journey creating an intimacy between the work itself and me. Unifying both the creator and the created. My heart and passion are greatly infused within each of my collections. I want to make unique pieces that celebrate not only the rare stones themselves, but more importantly the wearer."

XoXo Andrea Li

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