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Jewelry has the power to transform.


• It’s an art form that speaks of your uniqueness.

You love looking the part and jewelry completes who you are.

• You’re addicted to that feeling of looking and feeling great. Who wouldn’t be?

• Jewelry is an extension of your style and it amplifies your individuality.

• Your bombshell attitude commands attention.

• You gotta maintain your style icon status.

Wearing jewelry ignites something deep within you.

I create jewelry to give you the confidence to break convention and to stand out brilliantly.

Allow yourself to be the conversation starter.

It’s about time for jewelry to express your uncommon nature. You’re not a copy or reproduction, so why should your jewelry be?

Like you, your jewelry should be the only original in existence. I design each collection with that in mind.

I collaborate with Mother Nature using gemstones that are rare themselves. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, reflecting your own individuality.

Savor your swank independence and wear jewelry as unique as you are.

Exclusivity bonus points: These collections are limited. Once they sell out they’re gone forever. The next time someone asks you where you got your jewelry, know that you are the only one in the world to own it.

Side effects include: Leaving behind unforgettable impressions. Frequent compliments will follow.

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When you think of Andrea Li, you think of eye catching pieces that are limitless in their creations because their creator goes deep into her heart and soul to find new heights. Whether they are part of her larger works or more delicate selections, they all possess a life that only she can give them.
— Suzanne S.
Your jewelry is all unique. There is no homogeny. It creates a certain ownership with the wearer. Like, this is who I am, I picked this for me, and no one can take my originality away from me. These are the internal things we possess, that are ours to feel and express. No one can take this away from us! It is transformative.
— Lovedy B.
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your jewelry because is so stunning. I love the way you put the colors of stones together. Each piece carries with it so much energy. It makes me feel beautiful, sexy, special and fabulous
— Janet R.
Your work is cool and fashionable! Chic and sexy! The composition of your jewelry is what sets it apart from what else is on the market. I can spot it a mile away and think to myself “That’s Andrea’s!” You feature a lot of asymmetry. I like how you have a sense of delicacy to your design that balances the large and loud statement of your work.
— Lily B.
what really sold me on the piece was you. The storytelling, the depth woven into each piece, what the stones mean,and how you educated me on the stones and built trust that this was quality cuts of stone, how you hand-picked them out. So for me personally, its buying genuine art
— Tamar R.
I love that Andrea Li designs are unique and fun. Each new collection brings a new wave of inspiration that morphs into wearable art that is practical for daily wear. Wearing Andrea Li makes me feel noticed. Compliments come pouring in every time.
— Lilly S.
I feel unstoppable when I wear Andrea’s work. I have a new sense of confidence and know that when I leave my house I will have all eyes on me and will receive many compliments! Who doesn’t love that?!
— Sarah H.
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  1. I’ve been obsessed with jewelry since I left the womb. Or, at least since I can remember. I used to sneak out of the house with huge 80’s style earrings and put them on during the bus ride to school. My classmates used to say that even in death I would still be wearing jewelry. Looking back, that’s pretty morbid for grade schoolers.

  2. I was born in Seoul, Korea and adopted by American parents. Nothing too revolutionary here except that my friends regularly call me a banana or twinkie. Something to do with yellow on the outside and white on the inside.

  3. I started a private label collection with someone I used to babysit. True story. Both of our mom’s worked together back in the day when we were growing up. It’s amazing what a difference 5 years is when you’re in middle school.

  4. I have three fur babies that I adore. Two chihuahuas and a cat that we rescued from two homeless hippies. They stopped us on the street one freezing winter day to plead with us to take him. Long story short, the cat is now spoiled rotten - as in ruined.

  5. The jewelry entrepreneur in me had an early start. I used to make jewelry out of a medium called Friendly Plastic and then sell it at my mom’s office to her co-workers.

  6. I think I must have been a magpie in a former life. I lose my mind and all rational thought when I’m around glittering gemstones. It takes every ounce of restraint to maintain fiscal responsibility at a gem show. After all it’s a business expense right?

  7. The very first set of pliers I bought to make jewelry has been used to make every piece of jewelry since. If it ain’t broke, then why fix it? These red-handled babies are like my jewelry production talisman. I can’t design without them.

  8. One of my favorite things about what I do is collaborating with other creatives to do fashion shoots and runway shows. I love styling, moodboarding concepts, playing grip, assisting with reflectors, working the fans (bet you wondered if the models hair naturally billowed like that) and anything else that helps to bring these visions to life.

  9. Once I find something I like, I hoard it. Sometimes my wardrobe looks dangerously like Steve Job’s closet. If I find an item I like, I’ll buy it in every available color.

  10. I truly love what I do. If it sounds cliche, it’s not meant to because making jewelry that has the ability to create the change that people seek brings me tremendous joy.


Need a little more? Watch the video below to get inside what drives and inspires my creative process.

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A peek inside my world. A behind the scenes glimpse of my creative process, making of the jewelry and what inspires me.