Rodolfo Rodriguez

Andrea Li

“It's more than jewelry, these are one-of-a-kind sculptures that embellish the female form. I am always so proud of the compliments my wife receives when wearing one of Andrea's works of art.”

- Rodolfo Rodriguez

Ed Cleaver

Andrea Li

"Hi Andrea! Colleen absolutely loved the necklace! She said it's the most beautiful aquamarine she's ever seen.....and she's seen a lot of them! I especially enjoyed meeting you and seeing your genuine excitement about your beautiful work. Thanks for making Colleen's birthday even more special."

- Ed Cleaver

Bobbi Walker

Andrea Li

"I love the fact that it is so unique, a definitive look all its own. It makes me feel feminine in a world where I have to be the boss, always in charge, so strong and assertive."

-Bobbi Walker

Toby Crocker

Andrea Li

"I love your jewelry because it’s so unique and elegant. I can instantly identify your art, no matter who is wearing it or where I see it. It looks regal."

-Toby Crocker

Tamar Rosenfeld

Andrea Li

"What really sold me on the piece was you. The storytelling, the depth woven into each piece, what the stones mean,and how you educated me on the stones and built trust that this was quality cuts of stone, how you hand-picked them out. So for me personally, its buying genuine art."

-Tamar Rosenfeld  


Sarah Hunter

Andrea Li

" I love the artistry and uniqueness of each piece! I am in awe by the attention to detail and craftsmanship in Andrea's work. There is truly a sense that every little stone is intentional."

- Sarah Hunter



LoriAnn Vrchota

Andrea Li

" I feel unique! I feel bold! I feel honored to wear an amazing work of art from someone with so much talent. Wearing your jewelry with definitely get you A LOT of attention when you walk into a room."

- LoriAnn Vrchota


Lilly Sinelnik

Andrea Li

"Andrea Li designs are special because of you! Your passion for creating beauty and commitment to growing as an artist shows in each collection and piece."

- Lilly Sinelnik