Roy Barnett Jr. Testimonial

Andrea Li

“Her pieces are like holding small bits of the universe.  Each is incredibly unique and has its own personality that you  don’t see in other jewelry designs. As a photographer, it’s easy to see her dedication and her essence in each of her pieces. Having had the pleasure of photographing numerous pieces of hers, I’ve been able to see close up just how beautiful they truly are.”

- Roy B.     

Karin Waters Testimonial

Andrea Li

"Andrea Li's jewelry is so stunning! She uses color and small details in her work that just draws me in for hours AND her stones are of the highest quality, which is important to me. Andrea has carved out a niche that is completely her own and knowing that makes me feel like I bring the POW to the game when I wear one of her stunning pieces.”

- Karin W.

Anthony Norris Testimonial

Andrea Li

“ It’s jewelry. It’s art. It’s functional. It’s functional art to be worn that lifts your own being up. My partner and I purchased a piece for his mother that had classic elements of style and I know he made that final decision because he wanted to always elevate her. She still wears it. Andrea’s work is bold and magnificent and solid as a rock. Worth the investment and truly the time to understand her and this passion she has like the magpie who finds and dares to take the glimmering objects and create what other’s could only dream of. “

- Anthony N.

Mrs. Tennisia Littleton-Broberg Testimonial

Andrea Li

“Andrea Li’s one of a kind pieces are elegant and edgy. Andrea utilizes some of the best quality gold, silver, pearls, and stones imaginable to ensure the durability and integrity of her jewelry designs. If you are interested in a quality product with unique pizzazz and unlike anything else you see, contact this phenomenal Artist with your next order for a custom piece of jewelry! You will feel like royalty when you walk into the room, I know I always do!!!”
- Tennisia L-B

Sue Cohen Peltzman Testimonial

Andrea Li

"Beauty and energy come in many forms. When they are combined in a creation of wearable art as in a piece by Andrea Li, one can feel the love she pours into each design. I am in awe of how each piece takes on a meaning from Andrea and her ability to pass it on to whomever is fortunate enough to own her creations."

- Sue P.

Janet Heimer Testimonial

Andrea Li

“When I wear Andrea Li jewelry I feel elegant! Her pieces are so unique and make a statement. Each piece is a conversation starter and I love being part of the conversation. Andrea is an artist whose work is one of a kind.”

- Janet H.


Stewart Tucker Lundy Testimonial

Andrea Li

“One look at Andrea’s jewelry, and you can see where the elements meet. The way she does this always inspires us in our own work;  pulling from different resources, and putting them in one place to make beauty. Her jewelry makes me feel like rawness has been tamed. And I both would and have definitely recommended her jewelry line to friends near and far. Not doing so would be a shame, as she creates living art that needs to be shared, as it is a to the world.”

- Stewart L.

Amy Hernandez Testimonial

Andrea Li

“As someone who owns two Andrea Li necklaces I have to say I feel strong and unique in one piece and soft and polished in another. These necklaces radiate individuality, skill and design at its finest. I always am ready for a conversation when I wear them. Andrea Li, your creations and mastery has been such a gift.”

- Amy H.

Dawn Williams Testimonial

Andrea Li

“As someone who owns two Andrea Li necklaces I have to say I feel strong and unique in one piece and soft and polished in another. These necklaces radiate individuality, skill and design at its finest. I always am ready for a conversation when I wear them.”

- Dawn W.

Sheila Stevens Testimonial

Andrea Li

“Andrea’s jewelry is very unique and special. Each piece is a spectacular combination of show stopping gems and superb workmanship. Andrea takes great ride in her work. You will feel very special when you wear one of her  beautiful pieces of jewelry. I highly recommend her creations.”

- Sheila S.

Alex D. Testimonial

Andrea Li

“No boundaries with your jewelry. It is futuristic while still being organic. Each piece is special and unique. I will be the only person who will be wearing it and no one else will. I’m a fan of the different mediums used with various techniques of jewelry making. They lead to insanely beautiful creations.”

- Alex D. 

LoriAnn V. Testimonial

Andrea Li

“I can’t believe how the photos just don’t do them justice! I wore a necklace I bought at a jewelry party today at work.... the second client i saw today said I HAVE THAT SAME EXACT NECKLACE!! No one gets to say that about your beauties! Your work blows minds!”


Rachel R. Testimonial

Andrea Li

“Wearing an Andrea LI necklace is what I do when I want a confidence boost. Each necklace I own is stunningly unique and elevates my whole look. My Andrea pieces feel like they represent a part of me, but wearing them is an experience in itself. I love feeling like I am adorned with an incredible piece of artwork when I step out of my house. I become magnetic in them; the woman in the room with a story.”


Sarah H. Testimonial

Andrea Li

“I feel unstoppable when I wear Andrea’s work. I have a new sense of confidence and know that when I leave my house I will have all eyes on me and will receive many compliments! Who doesn’t love that?!”


Tamar R. Testimonial

Andrea Li

“what really sold me on the piece was you. The storytelling, the depth woven into each piece, what the stones mean,and how you educated me on the stones and built trust that this was quality cuts of stone, how you hand-picked them out. So for me personally, its buying genuine art”


Janet R. Testimonial

Andrea Li

“your jewelry because is so stunning. I love the way you put the colors of stones together. Each piece carries with it so much energy. It makes me feel beautiful, sexy, special and fabulous”


Lily B. Testimonial

Andrea Li

“Your work is cool and fashionable! Chic and sexy! The composition of your jewelry is what sets it apart from what else is on the market. I can spot it a mile away and think to myself “That’s Andrea’s!” You feature a lot of asymmetry. I like how you have a sense of delicacy to your design that balances the large and loud statement of your work. ”


Lovedy B. Testimonial

Andrea Li

“Your jewelry is all unique. There is no homogeny. It creates a certain ownership with the wearer. Like, this is who I am, I picked this for me, and no one can take my originality away from me. These are the internal things we possess, that are ours to feel and express. No one can take this away from us! It is transformative.”


Suzanne S Testimonial

Andrea Li

“When you think of Andrea Li, you think of eye catching pieces that are limitless in their creations because their creator goes deep into her heart and soul to find new heights. Whether they are part of her larger works or more delicate selections, they all possess a life that only she can give them.”


Lilly S. Testimonial

Andrea Li

“I love that Andrea Li designs are unique and fun. Each new collection brings a new wave of inspiration that morphs into wearable art that is practical for daily wear. Wearing Andrea Li makes me feel noticed. Compliments come pouring in every time.”