Styling 03: Sparkle & Shine This Holiday Season

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Image Credit Nicole Marcelli

Image Credit Nicole Marcelli

There is nothing quite like the holidays. The lights, tinsel, glitter and champagne bubbles always add an effervescent sparkle to this special time of year. It's your time to shine - because fabulous is a place you live, not just in this season but all year round. The holidays are just a hall pass for extra shimmer and extra swag. 

This years holiday collection was carefully curated to appeal to the many style palettes of even the most discerning fashionistas, trendsetters, tastemakers and mavens. From Hollywood inspired mega bling with vintage and rhinestones to gorgeous natural stones to keep you grounded.

The styling of these one of a kind jewelry pieces can be as unique as the wearer. Anything from casual chic, perfectly polished to paint the town red ready and more. This is jewelry that allows you to be just as inventive in your outfit choices as you are in your problem solving skills. Now that is a double threat I think we can all get with. 

Don't be afraid to push the boundaries from fierce to "fair lady". These fashion pairings are meant to inspire and think beyond the LBD. These looks can take you well beyond the ball drop and become a trusted jewelry box go-to throughout the entire year. 

Life is too short for boring jewelry. Especially when jewelry is timeless and seasonless. It is deeply rooted into our own personal mythology and traditions. It survives time by becoming an heirloom. It illuminates those around you by displaying and sharing it with the world. 

Most of all it has a powerful transformative effect when you wear it. Whether it is to feel beautiful, powerful, sexy, fashionable, feminine, bold, chic, regal or just plain confident, these pieces enable you to be anyone you want. But we love you just the way you are.