5 Easy Ways Jewelry Can Make The Most Of Your Style

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5 Easy Ways Jewelry Can Make The Most Of Your Style

From the boardroom to happy hour and beyond - Here are 5 ways jewelry can help to streamline your life.

1. Transition easily from day to night:

Even your assistant can’t keep up with you. Let jewelry streamline your time between client meetings and happy hour meetups. Your prim pearls may have been perfect for the boardroom, but not for chatting up another potential account over dirty martinis. Punch up your glamour factor with something more evening-appropriate. Let a sparkling statement necklace shine some light on the matter.

2. Be more adventurous with your style, starting with yoru jewelry:

You want to experiment and be a little more adventurous, but you’re afraid of branching out. Perhaps the chartreuse jumpsuit that everyone is coveting this season is a little too much for you. Ease into your fashion alter-ego by adding bold jewelry to your look and start channeling your inner Beyonce.

3. Forget buying new clothes, learn to style what you already have:

Switching up your accessories, especially your jewelry can transform a favorite go-to outfit in seconds, giving it new life.

4. Let jewelry bring attention where you want it:

Jewelry is universally flattering because it always fits. Even after a night of binging on Ben & Jerry’s, jewelry can be your best ‘wing man’ who's always talking you up. Use jewelry to draw attention to your best assets.

5. Make old basics new again with the addition of jewelry:

Your best closet basics likely came with a hefty price tag. After all, these are meant to have impeccable tailoring and a chameleon-like adaptability through current trends. While they’re not meant to be flashy, their somber tones sometimes beg for a little of-the-moment fun to keep your look relevant. Adding exciting jewelry to the backdrop of your steady staples will give you all the freshness you need.

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Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.”
People will stare. Make it worth their while.”

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