Day In The Life Of A Jewelry Designer 03: Live Events - Alien LIfe Fashion Show

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Image Credit Xposer Magazine

Image Credit Xposer Magazine

With every show that I do it is a true delight to be part of the Denver fashion community. I am constantly meeting new talent and working alongside regular darlings whose constant involvement make this such a burgeoning scene. This show was no exception. 

This was my first year being part of the Alien Life Fashion Show in their biggest installment yet. When they first started years ago they had only a small handful of designers which has now grown to ten designers with over 30 looks that hit the runway. This years production was hosted at Denver's largest indoor venue The Fillmore and had a sold out audience of over three thousand people. 

The concept of the show - hosted by Knew Conscious Gallery - challenges the designers to come up with looks based on Kurt Redeker's original artwork. The artwork assigned to me is Kurt's 'Femalien'.


The exclusive collection of jewelry that paired with Kurt's piece was taken from the 'Unfolding' series. I was fortunate to work with a local designer Maggie Burns who won 303 Magazine's Designer of the Year award this past spring. Known for her couture one-of-a-kind designs, Maggie took to the project like a fish to water. I remember when we first met for coffee to discuss our collaboration, there was an instant connection and a shared vision. Her final looks exceeded expectations and really showed her versatility as a designer.  

My team for this show was hand curated, and allowed an opportunity to work with some new talent that I have never worked with before. I couldn't be more happy with the results of the overall creative vision that they conceived together. KJ Murphy wonderfully handled his experimental looks as lead hair artist. Corrine Lcfg flawlessly executed some incredible detail work including the best braiding I have ever seen. Nicole Marie and Bubz Medina masterfully showed their wizardry with makeup brushes to turn my models into something otherworldly. 

Lastly I have the honor and privilege to work with Denver's best runway talent. These girls always show up for me. As seasoned professionals these ladies always make me look good. They consistently bring excitement and enthusiasm to my shows. Enduring long hours of rehearsals along with grueling hair and makeup sessions during which they never stop smiling. A big thank you to Karly Porter Stephanie Manor Masha Pichugina and Lesia M Bankston for being a part of so many of my productions. 

This recent show reminds me of the joy of teamwork and how progressive the nature of Denver's Fashion industry truly is. 

Photo credits Teddy Gomez of Xposer Magazine