The Surprising Truth About What Your Jewelry Says About You

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First came woman (man). Then came clothing. Then came jewelry.

Jewelry goes deep to our roots of the human experience. Whether it is being worn for religious affiliation or a show of status, it has been an important form of communication throughout the ages.

However in modern times it has become more of a form of self expression. A creative display of our individual personalities.

Like clothing, which has evolved from a basic human need to that of luxury fashion, jewelry has had a similar transformation. Options and price points have made it accessible to all. It has become an integral part of how we dress everyday. So much so, it can inform our wardrobe choices rather than the other way around.

Regardless of the rise of jewelry’s cultural impact it remains a deeply personal representation of our style. Because it is so personal, the reasons why we are drawn to certain types of jewelry can be explained on the subconscious level that define our nature.

You may be surprised as to why you prefer a necklace over bracelets or earrings over rings. Think about which one you would choose as your favorite go-to below.


So, which jewelry camp are you in? Read on for some fun insight on your selections.

You never leave the house without bracelets and rings - This may mean that…


You can’t live without necklaces and earrings - Likely means…

favorite-type-of-jewelry (1).png

Ok, while we didn’t solve world hunger with that exercise, perhaps you got a little peek inside the ‘why’ you wear jewelry. Even without these reasons I think we can all agree that jewelry is just plain fun!

It makes us feel good and gives us another tool to present the best versions of ourselves to the world. And, unlike clothing and shoes, it takes up virtually no storage space in comparison. So express away without limits. Afterall, a woman can never have too much jewelry.