Styling 101: Instagram Worthy Layering Tips

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Image Credit Nicole Marcelli

Image Credit Nicole Marcelli

Jewelry selfie perfected - 

What is better than one necklace? Two necklaces of course! One of the hottest trends with jewelry right now is layering. There are many reasons to pile it on such as:

• Breaking a style rut by getting creative with your styling

• Giving new life to an outfit

• Creating new ways to wear old pieces of jewelry

Whatever your reason for layering, even for unapologetic magpies, layering can amplify any look with minimal effort. 


The endless versatility of layering is sure to compliment just about anyone's fashion sensibilities.  

Photo credit: Nicole Marcelli

Photo credit: Nicole Marcelli

The Bold Look - 

Layer necklaces that are chunky in size. The top necklace should be around the length of a 'classic' or 'princess' necklace. Combined, they create the illusion of a cohesive bold statement piece that stands alone. Pair it with unfussy outfits for a chic and modern style. 

Photo Credit: Nicole Marcelli

Photo Credit: Nicole Marcelli

The Elegant Look - 

Subtlety is the key to accessorizing an outfit that commands attention. Layering dainty necklaces that vary in length along with geometric shape will balance and polish your look. Begin with a rounded necklace that hugs your neckline. Then cinch your minimalist style with multiple delicate long pieces that draws the eye. 

Photo Credit: Nicole Marcelli

Photo Credit: Nicole Marcelli

The Mix N' Match Look - 

Layering is best achieved when you combine two or more necklaces that make a statement together or alone. Selecting multiple different lengths that have appropriate spacing will keep the overall look from becoming too chaotic. 

So there you have it! Now you can go ahead and layer like a pro. 

For more styling tips make sure to download our free Complete Necklace Styling Guide! 

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