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Why Tourmalines? - 

You are likely here because you find tourmalines fascinating. There are so many reasons why you are correct. 

Perhaps it is - 

• Metaphysical

• Meaning

• Personal significance

• You simply enjoy their beauty

Well, this post is meant to shine a little light on some of the above points. In addition you get access to my fun and informative guide, complimentary for you to download as an extra bonus:

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Modern Muse Of The Jewelry World - 

Tourmaline is a highly favored gemstone amongst jewelry designers. It comes in a variety of rich colors - sometimes several encapsulated into a single stone. With jewelry trends changing at the seasonal whims of major fashion houses and pantone color predictions, it can be adapted easily into jewelry that is always of the moment. 

Perhaps the stones greatest appeal lies in the variety of colors it comes in. Ranging from pastels, intense neons, unique bi- and tri-colors. With the stone being more widely used by designers and clients who wish to wear them, the demand for these stones have nearly tripled over the last few years. The scarcity from the market has made them more valuable than ever before. 

Tourmalines most infamous colors of greens and pinks. Often seen together in one stone and when cross-sectioned it resembles that of a watermelon.

Tourmalines most infamous colors of greens and pinks. Often seen together in one stone and when cross-sectioned it resembles that of a watermelon.

Imperfection Perfected - 

Although the crystal structure is the same for all tourmalines, it is the impurities present that dictate what color each individual stone is. Tourmalines are known for their imperfections due to their formation in areas where there is a lot of moisture and water.

Here some examples below of different types of tourmalines and the color associated with them. 


Indicolite Tourmalines - 

Indicolite includes tourmalines in shades of blue. Any shades that range from the blue of a sapphire to a bright blue-green turquoise. The above image is an indicolite tourmaline embedded in crystal quartz. 


Rubelite Tourmalines - 

Rubellite is probably the most widely used tourmaline by jewelry designers and major jewelry houses. The name Rubellite simply means 'red'. The colors from this tourmaline family run anywhere from intense hot pink, to a red color with hues of violet of blues. The main deposits of the mineral are in Tanzania and Nigeria. 


Verdelite Tourmalines - 

Think Emerald City with the tourmaline family called Verdelite. Like the Emerald City there is nothing common about the green hue of this group. Emerald green, bright leaf green, and chrome green are sought out and rare. Therefore they are the expensive to procure for both jewelry designers and avid jewelry collectors.


Paraiba Tourmalines - 

The crown jewel of all tourmaline families is the Paraiba. First discovered and mined in Jose de Batalina the Brazilian state of Paraiba in the 1980's. Their vibrant colors of greens and turquoise blues coined them the term 'neon tourmalines'. A term they are commonly referenced as. Due to their intense colors it has been speculated that the stones are heat treated but that has never been confirmed. With the huge demand and the original mine being exhausted there is a super limited quantity available on the open market. Making these lively stones super spendy for anyone wishing to wear one or work with one. 


Bi - And Tricolor Tourmalines - 

The infamous 'watermelon' tourmaline comes from this grouping. The crystal has a pink center with a green rim. Cutting these juicy beauties by slicing them gives them the appearance of a watermelon slice. This cut has become extremely popular among both designers and clients who crave them. The unique nature of designs using this cut has elevated creativity in many modern jewelry designs. 


Dravite Tourmalines - 

Dravite tourmaline color range in yellow-brown to orange-brown hues. It has strong dichroic properties causing it show two different colors depending on what angle you view the stone. Much like a cat's eye. The effect can cause the stone to appear metallic. 


Schorl Tourmalines - 

Schorl, or black tourmaline was widely used in Victorian England mourning jewelry. No doubt for its black color but also the stone is more durable than jet. Many people believe it helps one become grounded, dissolving anxiety and doubt. 

Modern Day Gem Therapist - 

Regardless of color tourmaline can help promote the following:

• Happiness

• Reduction of fear

• Heightened self-confidence

• Balancing of yin-yang energies

• Bridging of both physical and spiritual

Tourmaline has become a rising star among metaphysical collectors and practitioners due to the stones wide variety of energetic properties. This is likely the case because of the stones rather large spectrum of colors it is available in. 

The benefits of tourmaline even transcend its own metaphysical properties to have practical applications too. They are often used in electrical tuning circuits to amplify television and radio frequencies. Their high ranking on the Mohs hardness scale of 7-7.5 make them durable enough to withstand the passing of high frequencies without shattering like other crystals. 

Getting Personal - 

Although tourmalines have a tremendous popularity among jewelry and gem collectors, some of us have a more emotional attachment. Specific gemstones often carry significance that honor special dates in our lives. Here are a couple worth mentioning:

• October birthstone

• Eighth anniversary stone

If you are lucky to fall in any of the above categories or know someone close to you who does, get inspired by my gift ideas here. 

Bonus Time! - 

Whew! You just successfully leveled up your gemstone knowledge in no time at all! Congrats! If you found this fascinating and would like a bonus round of more tourmaline goodness don't forget to download our Tourmaline Guide.  

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Escapades await you.