Day In the Life Of A Jewelry Artist 05: Live Events - DRAFTspace - Complete Parts

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Image Credit Natalie Conn

Image Credit Natalie Conn

There is nothing better as an artist to have the opportunity to share your work with a live audience. Although the digital age has made it easier to connect to a wider audience it has also has reduced the innate intimacy of those connections. While online audiences are great it is the offline experiences that allow me to really get to know you. My participation in the NYC jewelry exhibition Complete Parts is a great example of this kind of offline network.

With the changing times it is time to rethink the traditional trunk show tradition. For decades this antiquitated format was one of the only live event models that designers could interact with clients one on one. This was especially true for jewelry designers who have seen a sharp decline in attendance. This has been a point of frustration for many in my industry including myself. So it is refreshing when an organization comes along that recognizes these difficulties and is active to offer another option.

Enter in DRAFTspace. An organization based out of Brooklyn NY that catered specifically to jewelry designers to create highly curated live group exhibitions. The show that they are most known for is 'Complete Parts'. 

The founders of the organization Jun H. Lee and Miyonne Lee struck another home run for the many participating jewelry designers both local, national and worldwide. Their combined vision of creative presentation and understanding how to connect emerging jewelry designers with influential tastemakers is more pioneering than any other organization attempting the same thing. 

Below are some highlights from the exhibition Complete Parts in SoHo, NY.

Image credits: Natalie Conn