Day In The Life Of A Jewelry Designer 07: Live Events - ADV Summer Fashion Show

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Summer Fashion Heats Up -

Collaborations within your local industry is one of the best things about being a creative entrepreneur. Being a contributor is vital in elevating your community as a whole. For me as a designer it is so important that I do what I can to help promote community over competition. 

My most recent live event was with a local modeling agency Ashley De'Von Model that celebrates all models regardless of race or size. I really love how much the two co-owners Ashley Butler and Dy'Kenderick De'Von value the inclusion of women who represent real standards of beauty. 

I am always pleasantly surprised on how effectively fashion shows bring so many talented individuals together. All working towards the same goal and all bringing exceptional levels of expertise to lend to a quality presentation. The result is a polished showcase of art, wonderfully highlighted by everyone's contributions. 

Below are my 7 looks I created for the show. I used simple shift chiffon dresses as blank canvas to showcase pieces from my Signature Collection. My vision for the runway was to present statement jewelry that can be effortlessly styled to take a basic silhouette and transform it into polished glamour. I want women to have the confidence to wear bold looks outside of traditional venues such as galas or black tie events. Life is too short not to have everyday glamour as part of your styling options.  After all feeling fabulous is your birthright as a powerful woman.