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Fabulous With Flora and Fauna -

Creative collaborations are quite possibly my favorite activity outside of creating the jewelry itself. You connect with other creatives within your local community in the closest way imaginable by combining forces to execute a shared vision. It's like a well oiled origination machine in which all of the moving parts are working seamlessly together to arrive at a singular point. 

The entire process is alive. The resulting piece of art breathes with the heart and soul of everyone involved. To witness this is truly special. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to be part of such extraordinary experiences. 

This particular project was organized by 5280 magazine's fashion editor Georgia Benjou. This lady is a triple threat of fashion knowledge, stylist skills and a keen eye of how to assemble beautiful editorial features. One look at her portfolio and it is clear that she not only has a passion for what she does but is an established expert in her field. 

This particular article highlights Flora- and Fauna-Inspired Jewelry To Wear This Spring. Working closely with one of Denver's most prolific editorial photographers Paul Miller they set out to curate the prettiest spring baubles mix pastel hues with whimsical, seasonal shapes. The outcome, of course, will set hearts a flutter. 

Image credit Paul Miller

Image credit Paul Miller

Image credit Paul Miller

Image credit Paul Miller

1. Annette Ferdinandsen Beach Scavenger charm pendant, $1,540, Art & Soul Gallery, 303-544-5803

2. 14-karat yellow gold and brilliant-cut white diamond bird stud earrings, $1,600, Blackbird And The Snow

3. Talulah necklace with Swiss and London blue topaz briolettes, $1,750, Andrea Li, 720-292-6028

4. Eva Noga 14-karat yellow gold herbarium cluster stud earrings, $1,125, Metalmark, 720-441-4635

5. Santagostino pendant with enamel, gemstones, and diamonds, $8,850, Oster Jewelers, 303-572-1111

6. Stephen Webster Fly By Night rose gold earrings with pink opal, $4,750, Hyde Park Jewelers, 303-333-4446