13 Of The Most Valuable Jewels In the World - 5th Cora Sun-Drop Diamond

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Almost As Bright As The Sun

Watch and learn. Read on below!

Yellow Giant

If our life giving sun were to embody a gemstone on earth it would be the Cora. Making this diamond perfectly suited to its name. Rare in both its 'vivid' yellow coloration and its sheer size. Making it the most expensive yellow diamond ever sold at auction. 


The diamond was found in South-Africa after its long slumber within the earth for an estimated 1-3 billion years. 

After a lengthy run on display at the Natural History Museum it was sold to Cora International for over $10.9 million, who like Laurence Gaff, had visions of making the stone even more spectacular. 

Settling on a pear shape due to the stone's high color saturation that allowed this type of cut verses a square. Which would have be necessary in order to enhance the stone had the color been weaker. The process took the company 6 months to complete. 




And Like That It Was Gone

After being cut the diamond was put on the Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels auction where it was sold to an anonymous buyer who paid a record $12.36 million for this one of a kind diamond. Its current whereabouts are unknown.