13 Of The Most Valuable Jewels In the World - 4th L'Incomparable Necklace

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This Stone Is No Childs Play

Watch and learn. Read on below!

Lucky Find

Found under the most unlikely of circumstances this rare yellow diamond is the fourth largest raw diamond and largest brown diamond ever discovered. Uncovered by a little girl from the Democratic Republic of Congo in the small unknown town of Mbuji Mayi. The child was playing in a rubble pile sorted by a nearby MIBA diamond mine as waste.


A team of experts was assembled and led by Marvin Samuels who owned the diamond together with Donald Zale of "Zales Jewllers" and Louis Glick who bought it from De-Beers. It took years of analysis to decide on a strategy that would maximize the stones value. They ended up cutting the Incomparable in one one main diamond and 14 other smaller stones. Sacrificing the size of the stone for high clarity instead. The final weight of the main diamond is 407.78 carats and graded by the GIA as internally flawless.


Mysterious Future

The diamond was set up at auction in 1988 but neglected to sell due to a lack of bids for the reserved price of $20 million. There were rumors back in the early 2000's that the rare gem surfaced on EBay with a listing price of $15 million. When it failed to sell again the stone disappeared from public knowledge and its whereabouts remain unknown to this day.