13 Of The Most Valuable Jewels In the World - 11th Grace Kelly's Engagement Ring

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Hollywood Starlet To Princess

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Happily Ever After

Long before the modern romance of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Grace Kelly was making a trend of the journey from Hollywood starlet to royalty. 

Her famous engagement ring was actually the second ring that Prince Rainier III gave her to propose with. The first was a simple diamond and ruby eternity band. It was only after the Prince saw other actresses sporting big bling that he quickly ordered the 10.47 carat statement piece. 


The two met while Grace Kelly was in Cannes in 1955. The actress was invited to a photo shoot at Prince Rainier III's palace. The newly minted love birds continued to correspond after Grace returned to the States to begin filming her next movie. Later that year the Prince visited Philadelphia to see Grace and her family, surprising the future Princess with a proposal. The ring debuted in the movie High Society along side Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra. It simultaneously marked the end of Kelly's Hollywood career.

What better way to retire a successful career as an actress then to become the future Princess of Monaco? The union of the two was hailed as the wedding of the century and was watched by 30 million people. 




Kelly's famous lace wedding dress was made by 36 seamstresses. Her historical ring was joined by a chorus of other Cartier jewels including a three stranded diamond necklace totaling 58 carats along with a diamond and ruby 'Bains de Mar' tiara. 


Royal Tradgety

The pair went on to have three children. Princesses Caroline and Stephanie, and Prince Albert. They remained very much in love until the tragedy of Grace's stroke that led to her death in a car crash in 1982.