13 Of The Most Valuable Jewels In the World - 12th Princess Diana's Sapphire Engagement Ring

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The Legacy Lives On

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Family Hierloom

The engagement ring of Lady Diana Spencer is quite possible the most beloved piece of jewelry on the planet. Lady Di was given the ring in September 1981 by Charles, Prince of Wales.

The ring consisted of a 12-carat blue Ceylon Sapphire edged by 14 solitaire diamonds and set in 18k white gold. The then-Crown jeweller Gerrard created the ring and sold it. At the time the sale of the ring would be the equivalent of around $60,000 today.

The design has become so iconic that it is one of the most copied designs ever. Many replicas have made it to market so that any commoner can feel like royalty.


The name "Commoner's Sapphire", as it was known to some, is supported by the future Princess's unusual selection. The ring was neither custom or unique and could be purchased by anyone as it was part of Gerrards regular collections. 


Her connection to the ring, however, clearly outlived her marriage to Charles as she was seen often wearing it after the divorce. 

Modern times and romances within the Royal family have now ensured this historical ring its rightful heirloom-status as a symbol of love. The famous bauble now graces the finger of Catherine Middleton since Prince William proposed in the autumn of 2010.